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Looper Live Resin HHC Disposable Vape (2g)

Looper Live Resin HHC Disposable Vape (2g)

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Premium Live Resin HHC Disposable Vape offers 2 gram cannabinoid packed in quality glass hardware. Featuring a zero burn ceramic coil it ensures users get the best vaping experience.

This device is independently lab-tested for quality and potency.


Looper HHC Disposable Vape is the hot new product in the hemp space and for the right reason.  With Delta 8 becoming more heavily regulated, certain states have taken action to ban delta 8 products.

HHC has come to the rescue of residents that do not have access to Delta 8 THC.

Looper was born out of the necessity to supply those who still wish to have the benefits of cannabis specifically hemp products while still staying fully compliant with the local laws in their area.

Looper HHC Disposable Vapes has gone above and beyond with professional packaging and custom-made hardware for their branding and HHC Oil.

What is HHC?

Scientifically known as 9-Nor-9β-hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol, HHC is the most stable form of THC. It is a cannabinoid compound obtained by adding hydrogen atoms to THC molecules. Its production follows the same process used to convert liquid vegetable oils into margarine – hydrogenation.

With the amazing unicorn-colored hardware we are sure this is going to be a popular product.

How is HHC Different from THC?

Although THC and HHC have comparable potency and effects and very similar molecular structures, they are different. HHC is the simplified version of Delta 9 THC. And its variations have been described as 1000% stronger than THC. Also, since HHC is formed by saturating the THC molecule with hydrogen atoms, its shelf-life is higher and is more resistant to UV and high heat exposure.

What are the effects of HHC?

Although HHC is still new, its effect on medical conditions like inflammation and pain is more potent than non-hydrogenated THC. Experts also believe that HHC has more effective anti-tumor properties than THC. And although most impacts are yet to be known, the results are promising for future application in the health industry.

Why Do I Need It?

This 50-state legal compound is clearly the future of cannabinoid products. HHC disposable vapes allow users to enjoy a unique, potent cannabinoid experience.

LOOPER disposable vape boast several features to ensure you get a quality, consistent vaping experience.

Looper did not cut any corners in creating this brand.

  • Zero Burn Ceramic Coil — for the best vaping experience and fully capable of handling HHC distillate.
  • Rechargeable Vape Device
  • Authentic OG hemp-derived cannabis terpenes.
  • Full Panel Lab Analysis on each and every terpene profile.

Thread your LOOPER HHC Disposable Vape Cartridge

No cutting agents, no junk, only pure plant goodness!

Personally, we here at Earth Grown Wellness love using the LOOPER HHC Disposable Vape cartridge at any time of the day with the perfect effects to promote a general sense of well-being while relaxing our bodies without the couch lock feeling.

Looper HHC Disposable Vape is available in 3 unique hemp/cannabis-derived terpene profiles.

Cannabis/Hemp-Derived Terpene Profiles

  • Runtz
    • Strain: Hybrid Terpene Profile: Happy • Relaxed • Euphoric –Designed to illicit a sugary blitz of flavor that’ll send you through to the matrix, Runtz was developed by hacking into a cross code between Zkittlez and Gelato thus rendering a hybrid fruit-filled frenzy that will surely free your mind!
  • Tropicana
    • Strain: Sativa Terpene Profile: Happy •Happy • Uplifted • Energetic Relaxed • Euphoric –Highlighted by the trinity of pineapple, kali mist, and northern lights #5 strains, Tropicana is a sativa-dominant hybrid formulated for max creativity and focus.  Wired with notes of revitalizing citrus and succulent berries, this is a trip you’ll indeed wish to be plugged for.
  • Wifi OG
    • Strain: Indica Terpene Profile: Happy • Relaxed • Euphoric — Prepare to tap into boundless connectivity!  Wifi OG is a compound featuring a manipulation of ‘the white’ and ‘fire og’ strains.  This synchronization forged one of the most powerful and potent cerebral experiences from an Indica dominant hybrid in the Looperverse.

How to Use the Looper HHC Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are convenient and portable.  Simply remove it from the packaging.

Draw or inhale on the mouthpiece until the vapor production begins.  Please note disposable devices can become easily clogged if the vapor is not cleared from the mouthpiece chamber/coils.  If this happens no worries.

Simply use a paperclip down the mouthpiece or better yet use a hairdryer on low heat around the mouthpiece area to heat up the oil in the device.

This will allow you to suck on the mouthpiece and clear the troublesome clog.  Not a fan of clogs…check out our vape cartridges from Looper.  Simply use the preheat function to help prevent clogging issues.

Recommended Storage

To preserve the outstanding quality of your Looper HHC Vape, please store it in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, or humidity.  It is recommended to leave in an upright position after using to prevent clogging issues.


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